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Jenna Adams


Jenna Adams is an author and copywriter who lives in London. She writes from her third-floor flat which is covered in plants.


Her debut novel Can I Stray is out now with Neem Tree Press.


Can I Stray

Fourteen-year-old Brooke Tyler has spent her whole life waiting for a boy to choose her. Matt is about to go to university, scared to leave behind everything he knows. When both are cast as romantic leads in Romeo and Juliet, they fulfil the roles of forbidden lovers both on and off the stage. Brooke is sure that her fairy tale is coming true - and best of all, Matt is older.

Brooke considers secrets and lies a small price to pay for her first boyfriend, but the relationship is set to cost her after one night alone in an empty auditorium. When Brooke learns that Matt’s actions that night were illegal, her world shatters.

Years later, Brooke and Matt reunite as adults. Matt wants to undo all the damage he caused, but Brooke makes a choice which forces them both to question their relationship.

Told in three acts, this captivating debut reveals a young woman’s journey for independence as she strays away from everything she has ever known to navigate her traumatic past.

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Neem Tree Press

August 2022 - Present

Neem Tree Press is a vibrant, independent publishing house producing books that change and broaden perspectives. 



October 2022

Brook is the only charity that specialises in working with young people to promote their sexual health in the wider context of health and wellbeing. Brook offers clinical services, counselling, sex & relationships education in schools, training for professionals and lobbying work.

The Beautiful Truth

March 2022 - Present

The Beautiful Truth is a magazine that celebrates the individuals and businesses who are embracing life with purpose to create a kinder, more equitable, and greener world.


The Book Network

May 2021 - Present

Jenna is an in-house writer for the newly launched platform, The Book Network, set up to connect book clubs with emerging authors and independent publishers.


The Content Wolf Magazine

August 2021 - Present

Jenna has written content and articles for the online magazine The Content Wolf.



May 2021 - September 2021

Jenna is a regular writer for Questo, a city exploration game app which combines a self-guided walking tour with an adventure. Players become the main character of a story while solving challenges to unlock new places.

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Higher Ground

March 2021 - June 2021

Jenna wrote the copy for the official website of Higher Ground, a short film tackling the stigma around menstruation. She also content wrote for several newsletters about the film, and managed Higher Ground's social media accounts including its immensely successful TikTok channel.



September 2018 - June 2021

Jenna wrote a number of chatty blog posts and news articles about WING's upcoming film releases for some of the world's most prestigious brands.

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October 2021 - Present

Ad-hoc articles on politics, society, and more.

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